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We specialise in both Chinese and English language tuition and enrichment


                                            75% ACHIEVING A / A* FOR CHINESE

                                                   100% A* FOR ENGLISH

 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR 2019 GCE "O" LEVEL STUDENTS FOR THEIR EXCELLENT RESULTS :                                               100% PASS, 62.5% ACHIEVING A1/A2

                                             40% ACHIEVING A (HIGHER CHINESE)


We have experienced Teachers coaching International School students as well as Adult students who are interested to use Chinese Language in their day to day activities using the HSK material.

Children, like little acorns, need to be carefully and conscientiously nurtured



We promise to walk with your child on this learning journey with love, diligence, and patience


How are we different?

We understand that for effective life-long learning to take place,we need to bridge two gaps in our education system:

Accountability, and

Achieving the transition from casual learning to results-oriented learning

We know that this needs to be done at an early stage so that proper learning habits can be developed. 

Call us today at 6459 5955 to discuss how we can best help your child

Encouraging safe, fun learning environment


Your child is just like a tiny seed that needs to be gently and carefully nurtured. Here at Green House Language Centre, we promise to walk with your child in this learning journey with love, diligence and patience. We pride ourselves in providing an encouraging, safe and fun learning environment for your child, so that he or she can fulfil his potential.


Chinese tuition and enrichment classes have been conducted at Green House Language Centre since its opening more than twenty years ago, and we are proud of our track record of helping students achieve their full potential. Our vision is to inculcate a keen love for language in all our students, and to build up their confidence in their own linguistic skills. We balance enrichment classes to cultivate interest in the material with intensive tuition to best prepare student for the rigours of exams. We believe in doing our best to help each and every student, to understand each child on their own merits, and to tailor our approach for every child’s individual and unique characteristics.

We believe in growth

Our tuition and enrichment courses are fully in line with the requirements as set out by the Singapore Ministry of Education syllabus, going further than that to focus on essential skills like comprehensioncomposition, and oral techniques for exam purposes.


Where appropriate, we also provide enrichment materials, as we believe in ensuring that your child is not only equipped with examination skills, but also has a strong foundation in the Chinese language.

Our Pillars




Lively Classroom Dynamics


We employ interactive teaching methods that promote student response and participation for effective learning.

Well-tested Exam Techniques


We focus on both specific techniques and broad principles that can be generally applied in exams, and these methods have had a proven track-record of success in both school and national exams.

Engagement with Current Affairs


We expose students to horizons beyond the textbook, where learning comes to life. Students will learn to broaden their views and apply critical thinking in their everyday lives.

Teacher-Parent Partnership


We provide close supervision of each student's progress and invite parents to be a part of this journey, because learning continues at home.We are always glad to sit down with parents and students to discuss the student’s progress, and to set feasible and tangible goals to better inspire the student to excel.













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