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2019 Holiday Classes for 2020 PSLE        

20 October 2019

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Dear Parents,


As the year draws to a close and with the PSLE looming next year, we will be opening special preparatory Holiday Chinese and English Enrichment Classes for next year’s exams. These classes will specifically target the most challenging aspects of the exams, focusing on essays, comprehension, and oral skills. They will highlight key techniques and methods to best grapple with the difficulties the PSLE poses.

Both the English and Chinese holiday classes will consist of four 2.5-hour lessons, as set out below. Should your child be unable to attend any of the lessons, we will endeavour to offer a replacement. As places are limited, we are opening registration first to existing students, at a preferential rate of $220 for either Chinese or English classes, and $400 for both. Please complete this form and submit it, with payment by cash or cheque (payable to ‘Green House Language Centre’), by Nov 10 to register.


2019 Holiday Classes for 2020 O-Levels  

20 October 2019

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Dear Parents,

As the year draws to a close and with the O-Levels looming next year, we will be opening special preparatory Holiday Chinese Enrichment Classes for next year’s exams. These classes will specifically target the most challenging aspects of the exams, focusing on essays, comprehension, and oral skills. They will highlight key techniques and methods to best grapple with the difficulties the O-Levels pose.

The Holiday Class package will be a set of four 2.5-hour lessons, as set out below. Should your child be unable to attend any of the lessons, we will endeavour to offer a replacement. As places are limited, we are opening registration first to existing students, at a preferential rate of $240 for the whole package. Please complete this form and submit it, with payment by cash or cheque (payable to ‘Green House Language Centre’), by Nov 10 to register.

Term 4 2017 Letter to Parents


10 November 2017

Dear Parents,


In the blink of an eye, we have come to the last lesson of the term. Thank you for your unwavering support and feedback on the initiatives we have implemented in 2017. By way of providing some updates, we would like to draw your attention to the following:


  1. Our centre progress reports have been received warmly and they are an initiative we will continue. We will issue them half-yearly so that parents are able to observe and track the correlation between our centre’s effort and your child’s school results. In addition, we ask that you provide us with the result of your child’s school exam results. We will add a small section in our invoices so that you can input the results there. We also strongly encourage your children to bring their exam papers to the centre so that their teachers can review the papers with them.


  1. The focus on spelling and 听写 has paid off handsomely, with the average score of our primary school students improving by 31% and those of our secondary students improving by over 15%. We will continue to encourage familiarity with the essential phrases for writing and word recognition. Further, 9 of our students achieved a perfect score in spelling/听写 ten times, and we are happy to be able to celebrate this small success with them! Photos of them receiving their rewards are available on our website.


  1. Finally, we would like to encourage our P5 and Secondary 3 students to sign up for the special PSLE and GCE O-level holiday preparatory classes that the centre has prepared to help them prepare for these critical exams. Details and sign-up forms have been given to your children.


We look forward to furthering the partnership with our parents to best teach and nurture our students!


Best Regards, 

Green House Language Centre

Ng Chee Hui, MSHRI

Letter to Parents

 25 June 2017

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your support thus far. We continually seek to optimise our teaching methods and improve our systems for partnering with you to help your children improve. We have implemented a number of improvements to better help your children maximise their potential:


First, the Progress Reports issued for Term 2 are an initiative seeking to:


a)     Assure parents of syllabus coverage;

b)    Validate the understanding of the students for each component of the syllabus and help our teachers and parents understand where to focus on;

c)     Provide measurable and tangible indicators so intervention can be done in a timely manner if a weakness is spotted.


We trust that the Progress Reports have offered an insight into your child’s progress, and will be further tailoring the areas to work on for each child according to areas they are weaker in.


Another area of focus the centre will be embarking on is focusing on the spelling/听写 segments of each lesson. This is the ‘fixed take-away’ that the child should gain every lesson, and has exam application in comprehension, essays, and oral. From our experience and studies, students who consistently performed well for their spelling/听写 also performed significantly better in school examinations. We thus hope our parents will partner with us by encouraging their children to study for the spelling/听写 accordingly, and on our end we will be tightening follow-up (in the form of re-tests and further coaching) should students not perform well in spelling/听写.


With our expertise in training and teaching, we have no doubt that the quality of teachers and teaching material is integral to improvement. Yet, moulding and shaping the learning behaviour of our students is similarly essential. The individual student’s motivation is key to this learning behaviour and moving forward, we will actively identify the motivation behind your child’s learning. We will introduce small initiatives to challenge and motivate our students, allowing them to develop their focus and hone their ability to stay on-task and un-distracted. We welcome any input you may have for your child so that it can be incorporated into our initiative, and will dovetail it with the tailor-fits our teachers will prepare for your children.


We understand the busy schedule of our parents and will thus ensure that any requests from our parents will be acted on swiftly, precisely, and effectively. We look forward to an ever-stronger partnership to better understand the root of how your children learn, and how their learning styles may be comprehensively catered for.


Best Regards, 


Green House Language Centre

Ng Chee Hui, MSHRI





  • 让您了解教材的涵盖范围;

  • 反映孩子在各部分的掌握能力,并让家长和我们的老师知道要把注意力集中在哪个部分;

  • 提供可衡量的指标。如果发现弱点,可以及时干预。









Changes at Green House

Dear Parents,

Greetings from all of us here at Green House Language Centre. As Term 4 opens and we redouble our efforts to best prepare each and every child for the coming exams, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight how Green House continues to evolve and develop to best cater

to the individual needs of each student. A short summary has been prepared for your convenience:


  • Green House moves to keep up to date with MOE’s syllabus changes in training of staff,teaching techniques, and technological know how.

  • Green House to strengthen channels of communication with parents for feedback and co- operation for best teaching students.

    • New additions to Green House:                                                                                                                                                                                              1. Ms Noelle Huang (B.A. Cambridge) will join as Director of Studies.                                                                                                    ​                  2. Mrs Ng (Experienced tutor specialising in coaching English, including at Gifted Education Programme ‘GEP’ level) to open new              English Language (P1-P6) classes. Likewise, please contact the centre for further details.                                                                              3. Ms Quek is a trained teacher with more than fifteen years experience of teaching Chinese in MOE schools, having                                    held the position of Level Head in Mother Tongue Languages at St. Andrew’s Junior School. She will further                                                 strengthen the centre’s expertise in teaching Chinese.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

20190427_130501 (1).jpg

New Developments

First, Green House remains closely in-sync with MOE’s recent syllabus changes, and has updated its processes and systems accordingly to reflect the new rigours expected of students. In terms of our training of staff, teaching techniques, and the technological dimension expected of students in the new Oral Exam formats, we continue to take our cue from leading pedagogical developments. Focusing on Oral Exams in particular, our teaching material has all been updated to prepare students for the new video segments, and teachers have extensively discussed and decided upon optimal teaching methodologies. This continual self-improvement and self-scrutinisation of our own teaching will continue to be a hallmark of the Green House method.


Second, Green House will further its development in class specialisation to cater more individually to all of our students. We appreciate how every student entrusted to our instruction learns in different ways, and accordingly, endeavour to best match our methods with their learning styles. We further believe that parents and our teachers can have powerful synergistic effects when we work together, and therefore will work to improve our feedback to parents as our key partners in bringing out the best in your children. Our position is that we are always more than happy to discuss how best a child’s improvement may be optimised, and we will continue our proactive steps to ensure parents are kept informed and in the loop about the journeys of learning their children are on with us.

Third, in line with Green House’s belief in constant improvement and renewal, I am glad to announce a number of new additions to our teaching staff and steering committee:


Ms Huang will be appointed as overall Director of Studies, being responsible coordinating academic direction. She will be opening classes in GP, notably a post-O Levels familiarisation course for Secondary 4 students looking to gain an advantage for the subject in Junior College/the equivalent.


Mrs Ng will join the Steering Committee, bringing with her a wealth of expertise in home coaching and in understanding what parents can do to best prepare their children for the stresses of the Singapore schooling system. She will focus on sharing how best to build a nurturing home environment to facilitate all-rounded development for children, and how a ‘reading culture’ at the home may be cultivated, all without stressing out children. Mrs Ng also has extensive experience in teaching English at the primary school level, targeted at both helping younger students develop a love for the language, and at assisting older students to better grapple with the complexities demanded of them in written examinations. As such, she will be opening English language classes for Primary school students, and would be glad to take any queries in this area.


Ms Quek will join Green House as a Chinese teacher, bringing with her more than 15 years of experience as an MOE-trained and accredited teacher. Having been Level Head in Mother Tongue Languages at both St. Andrew’s Junior School and the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, she possesses keen insight in both understanding the most effective teaching methods, and the standards expected of students in examinations. Besides being effectively bilingual, she has a flair for making difficult concepts simple and lessons interesting

Together, our new additions will work with the existing teaching staff to offer the best possible teaching and instruction to your children. We are confident that with your support, we will be able to achieve the best possible results with our students, all while making the learning of languages fun and enjoyable.


Best Wishes,


Director of Studies

Green House Language Centre  

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