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P1 Chinese Reading Practice Class

P1 Chinese Reading Practice Class

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November and December Holiday Enrichment and Tuition

  • Green House Language Centre will be running November-December holiday tuition and enrichment classes for students looking to improve their Chinese and English standards for the PSLE and O-Level Exams.

  • These classes are targeted at P5 and Sec 3 students respectively, and will be focusing on exam skills, building the discipline to engage with the exams, and helping to generate the confidence and capability to deal well with the national exams to come.

  • We seek to prepare students such that they are able to confidently handle national exams and be familiar with the new formats and requirements of the papers.

  • Contact us today at 6459 5955 to sign up – places are very limited!

  • Call us to arrange holiday classes for other standards, or one-on-one lessons! 

Schedule 2019 Chinese Language Classes

Schedule 2019 English Language Classes (New!)

Chinese Language Classes

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English Language Classes (New!)

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