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At Green House Language Centre, our teachers are gardeners that carefully nurture our students. We believe in each and every child entrusted to us, and look to stretch them to their fullest potential. With a dash of faith and encouragement, our students can grow from seedlings to plants with sturdy foundations.

Noelle Huang Director of Studies



  • Bachelor of Arts in Law,  University of Cambridge



  • Experience teaching, giving tuition, and lecturing, particularly in small groups, over the past ten years

黄校长曾获得英国剑桥大学圣约 翰学院法律系学士、哈佛大学法律与文科硕士,对新加坡教育部的要求很熟悉。 他有多年教学经验,并且能针对性地帮学生们应付会考考试。

   Our Teachers

  • Our dedicated core of teachers brings a wealth of experience, and has taught at schools including Raffles Institution, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, St Andrew’s School, and Nanyang Primary. Our teachers have also served as Heads of Chinese Language in MOE Schools, and others have pursued specialised qualifications in early-childhood education.

  • Each teacher teaching or giving tuition at Green House has at least ten years of teaching experience, and is fully qualified for the standard he or she is teaching.

  • Our teachers are our greatest strength, and they are selected for their dedication,qualifications, and track record of success in helping students of varying abilities excel.


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